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5 More Features Of Our New Digital Banking Suite

We’re very excited for the release our new Digital Banking Suite this fall. Launch CU’s new Digital Banking Suite will provide you with an entirely new digital banking experience, user-friendly design, and new features that are not available with our current Online Banking platform.

This is part two of a three part series. Today we will release five new and exciting features the new digital banking suite will provide. We hope you are as excited as we are for the release.

5 New & Exciting Digital Banking Suite Features 

  1. Self-Enroll From Any Device
    With our new Digital Banking Suite you can self-enroll from any device, not just a desktop or laptop computer. Enrolling in Digital Banking at Launch CU has never been faster or more convenient. digital banking
  2. Customization
    We understand everyone is different. That’s why our New Digital Banking Suite is all about customization. You are able to pick an overall theme for your Digital Banking experience, nickname your accounts, and organize your accounts however you want.
  3. Link Your External Accounts
    With the new Launch CU Digital Banking Suite you can link outside accounts, and view them through your dashboard. All you have to do is click the orange “Link Account” button, and choose the other financial institution you would like to link. If it isn’t pictured, simply utilize the search function to find your institution. You can link multiple accounts.
    link account
    easy account management
  4. Pre-Populate Your Info Into A Web Loan
    Applying for a loan through Digital Banking has never been easier. Our new Digital Banking suite will pre-populate your information into the web loan application, drastically decreasing the time it takes to apply for a loan.
  5. Easy Account Management
    Managing your finances online should be easy. Our new Digital Banking Suite will make managing your Launch CU accounts easy. Our quick view feature allows you to view your account activity by the press of a button. Simply click on the two lines,(circled in red in the picture below). From there, you can either view your activity associated with the account, or make a quick transfer. It really is that simple.
    linking your accounts

Previously Released Features

  1. Seamless Design Across Devices
  2. Forgot Password Capabilities
  3. Ability To Find What You’re Looking For Fast
  4. Finance Management Tools
  5. Send & Receive Secure Messages

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