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Make Your Auto Loan Process Seamless: Here’s What You Need to Refinance!

  • How do I refinance my auto loan?
  • What documents do I need?
  • What will my new monthly payment be?

These are questions that pop up when you think about refinancing your auto loan, but we can make your auto loan process seamless at Launch. We’ve laid out a list of what you need and how you can get approved for a lower rate. These came from our awesome Consumer Lending Department and they made it very easy to understand.

Person writing on paper with car keys next to hand | Here's What You Need To Refinance

Here’s What You Need to Refinance

First up and most commonly asked: What documents do you need to refinance your auto loan? To make this quick and seamless, it’s a smart idea to come prepared with the below

  • Original dealership contract (not required, but provides all of the information to start the process)
  • Vehicle details: Vehicle Year, Make, Model, VIN Number, and Current Mileage
  • Loan details: interest rate, term of loan, current monthly payment, current lender and account number

Next up: What factors does Launch look at when reviewing an auto loan application? Our Consumer Lending Department considers:

  • Job history
  • Credit history
  • Debt level
  • Collateral value
  • Member relationship with Launch 

Additionally, employment verification and proof of income may be required.

two people sitting in convertible with hands up | What Factors Are Considered
salesperson at car dealership talking to someone | How To Get Approved For A Lower Rate

Lastly, a question many people ask: “How can I get approved for a lower rate?”

Simply put, make sure your credit score is in good standing because this is what determines the rate you’re assigned.

  • Make on-time monthly payments for a minimum of 6 months before refinancing
  • Put cash towards the balance when refinancing
  • Finance for a shorter term than you currently have

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