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Celebrate Valentine’s Day On A Budget

Consumers are giving away more than love this Valentine’s Day. They’re giving away their money and lots of it. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend $193.61 on the big day this year. The spend is up 21 percent from last year. The NRF predicts spending will reach $27.4 billion this year. You don’t have to be a part of that number this year. Instead of jumping on the spend train, let us help you celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

1. Dinner Date At Home

Heart shaped pizza surrounded by tomatoes and basil

Restaurants can be extremely expensive on Valentine’s Day, plus the wait could be very long. Instead, plan a special and personalized dinner date at home. This way you call all the shots from entrees to attire. You may even have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch 😉

2. Movie Night

two lipsticks and pink phone laying on a mirror with popcorn bag and movie reel next to it.

There is no shortage of cheesy romantic movies on TV and streaming services. Instead of spending money going to a movie at the theater, set up your own double feature at home. Put a personal touch on this by watching movies you’ve seen together throughout your relationship. The best part is you can have all your favorite snacks without the movie theater prices.

3. Trip Down Memory Lane

a shoebox filled with cards, tapes, and memories.

Take the time to gather photos, ticket stubs, and memorabilia from your relationship. This way you can enjoy a night of reminiscing on all your favorite memories. You could also turn this into a scavenger hunt where you set up clues to guess where the item is.

4. Breakfast In Bed

a breakfast tray with coffee, cereal, and a bouqet of pink flowers.

For all you breakfast lovers. This is a perfect option if you just can’t wait to celebrate until after work. Breakfast ingredients are fairly cheap so scoop some up from the store and whip a plate full of goodies for your love. Hint: To make mini pancakes in the shape of a heart, use a cookie cutter!

5. Homemade Card

Two Valentine's Day cards. One couple holding hands and other says to my valentine

Throwback to elementary school when you got to craft a cute card to take home to mom and dad. We think most people can agree that homemade cards are worth more than any Hallmark or store bought card out there. Grab a paper and pen and write a meaningful note inside.

6. Sunset Date (We are in the sunshine state)

A sunet with two people dancing

There are no shortages of beautiful sunsets on the Space Coast so take advantage of it! Grab a blanket, dessert, and head down to the beach or park to watch the sun go down.

7. Playlist

an iphone with headphones and a cup of coffee

Now that anyone can make a playlist with a click of a button this is an intimate and special way to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them. Create one on Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, or Youtube. Fill the playlist with songs that conjure up memories like your first date or wedding.

8. Work Day Lunch

a blue plate with chocolate crepes on it. Bowl of strawberries and rasberries next to it.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year so for many that means it’s a work day. This is a way to create a special day during your normal routine. Also, restaurants always have great lunch specials.

9. Bake a Sweet Treat

a tray of heart shaped sugar cookies on a blue countertop

Don’t waste time or money sifting through all of the sweet treat options at the store. Grab a cake, cookie, or brownie mix box and befriend the mixing bowl in your kitchen. This way you can really say these treats were made with love.

10. At Home Wine Tasting

Numerous wine glasses filled with pink liquid

You don’t have to head to the winery to enjoy a romantic taste test with your loved one. Select a few different kinds and taste test from your own home.

We hope these help you celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget. One important thing to remember is, Valentine’s Day isn’t about how how much money you spend, but the love you show to your significant other. Make it special, unique, and personalized no matter what amount you spend. If you’re looking for more frugal date nights, check out these.

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