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Save Money On Gas

Nobody likes to pour their hard-earned money into their vehicle’s gas tank, but unfortunately it’s necessary in order to get us from point A to point B. Though buying gas is a necessity for most of us, there are things we can do to save money on this pesky expense. This Tuesday Tips email will provide you with 11 things you can do to save money on gas, and keep more of your paycheck in your bank account.

Save Money On Gas: 11 Money Saving Tips

  1. Lighten Your Load
    If you are going on a long road trip, or even a trip to the other side of town, lighten your car’s load. Over-packing your car for a road trip, or hauling around a bunch ofsave money on gas stuff on a regular basis adds extra weight to your vehicle, making it work harder, which results in consuming more gas.
  2. Buy Gas Early In The Week & Late In The Day
    Money Crashers Blog advises you should purchase gas early in the week, and either early in the morning or late
    in the evening, especially during the exceptionally hot summer months. Gas is cooler in the morning and late at night, making it more dense. As temperatures rise outside, gas density falls, and you get less of it when you pump. You should also aim to buy gas early in the week, because prices usually increase between Wednesday and Saturday.
  3. Avoid Stop-And-Go Traffic
    Consistent braking results in larger consumption of gas. You’ll find that you save more
    money on gas if you keep your car moving at a steady pace. If your daily commute includes a lot of stop and go traffic, see if there is an alternative route you could try. You may be surprised by the decrease in your daily gas consumption.
  4. Keep Your Tires Inflated
    Under-inflated tires require your car to put forth more energy and engine power to make them rotate, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Tire pressure is extremely easy to check, and an easy problem to correct. Make sure your tires are properly inflated in accordance with the specifications of your car’s make, model, and tire type. Keeping your tires inflated will provide you with better fuel efficiency, and put money back in your pocket.
  5. Drive Slower
    It may be tempting to drive fast, but driving at a slow pace is not only safer, but also reduces drag. This results in decreased fuel consumption. Try driving at the speed limit, and you will probably not have to fill up as often.
  6. Turn Your Car Off
    If you find yourself waiting out in the car for a friend or family member, in a huge line at a fast food joint, or waiting for a train to pass, turn your engine off. Idling is a major waste of gas, not to mention is a huge contributor to pollution.
  7. Coast
    Take advantage of coasting, especially when you see a yellow light. Stopping at the last second isn’t good for fuel efficiency. If you can make this a habit, you will probably start seeing a reduction in how often you have to fuel up.
  8. Avoid Gas Stations Near The Interstate/Highway
    Gas stations nearest interstate/highway exits are usually the most expensive. If you have to stop for gas off the highway, try driving down the road a bit farther to find a cheaper station.
  9. Keep Your Windows Up
    Many people believe that rolling down your windows instead of using AC provides better fuel efficiency, however this is not the case with modern day computer controls that run your vehicle’s AC. Automotive aerodynamics have improved a great deal. So much that driving with the windows down actually creates drag. This is especially true on the highway.
  10. Download A Gas App
    Using a gas app can help you save money on gas, and in some instances, save more than $0.20 cents per gallon. Here are some great apps to help you reduce the amount of money you pump into your tank.
  11. Join A Loyalty Program
    Many gas stations have loyalty programs that allow you to save money on gas by either making specific store purchases, or by just purchasing gas from a specific company. Check out fuelperks by Winn Dixie, or Smart Pay by Cumberland Farms, and start racking up your savings today!

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